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There are many rumors around the world about counterfeiting our advanced device. The whole world is trying to imitate our product development. What no one can imitate is our unique algorithm. Here you receive a warranty certificate including a unique number that you can tap on our website to find out the information about that device and thus make sure that the device in your possession is original and not fake.
Military technology approved for sale to the public. This technology has existed for many years and rumors about it have been spilled around the world. Everything you’ve seen so far is just a FAKE. Now the sale has been approved worldwide and you are about to discover the undisputed power of the most unique device in the world with the winning algorithm for finding buried metals, diamonds, burial spaces and reservoirs.
It is well known that a buried treasure, for example, buried gold for more than 10 years, emits ion particles into the air. This technology, with the help of the algorithm we have specially assembled, is reflected in our device. A combination of the forces of nature and science A combination of atom particles Magnetic fields Ion emitted into the air and static electricity.                 uniqe ionic technology combined with our one of a kind technology

A correct work instructions



No work during lightning and black sky



Do not work under anger and irritability and extreme emotion effects



Work will be performed by wearing clothes made of cotton only


Electric Devices

No working around electrical devices such as phones, Cell Phones, radios, etc.


Leather shoes

Strongly advised not to wear leather shoes when using the product


Body Language

Always be sure to Stand straight and back straight. This provision is very important for successful operation of the device


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