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About Us

For more than a four decades we worked hard and developed the GOLDAKS long range locator device. Now, finally, we can market our product to all customers worldwide. This product was privileged years of outstanding rumors that circulated around the world in connection with our device capabilities of the GOLDAKS unique device.


Devices for finding gold, silver, bronze, diamonds, caves and tunnels, and reservoirs

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A global team of experts led by professors of physics and archaeologists


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In recent months, we ended the contract was signed, a contract which provided us with development cooperation digging tunnels discovery technology. This technologically groundbreaking in the field of military and political. Special technology which is able to detect underground tunnels and caverns, caves and air space at the bottom of the earth. This amazing technologically for finding treasures that are located at great depth in the earth in burial caves, tunnels and stones and metals such as bronze, silver, gold and diamonds.

In the ground there are many metals and various minerals. We provide a search experience for business customers like gold exploration companies for gold mining as well as offer a revolutionary device for private clients who see gold, silver, bronze, diamonds, caves and tunnels search process favorite hobby, challenging and interesting while learning our history on earth. the ionic technology to detect long range category as gold, diamond, silver, metals and other caves and tunnels. Our experience over many years has the perfect product and best discovery in the field of treasure hunting.

The results of our original and unique AKS, which led to a large number of companies worldwide engaged in the discovery of treasure hunting tried unsuccessfully to imitate us as forgery and fraud lot of unsuspecting customers. It is important to clarify GOLDAKS – our company is the best company in the area of ​​the discovery of treasure hunting detecting in long range TR technology. Technologically that is based on particles of positive and negative ions in the air and the ground.

We cracked the algorithm winner of this technology to bring the accuracy multi discovery of treasure hunting in the ground at great depth. Our product is great for finding treasures at depths of up to 30 feet, and discovering ancient treasures or gold to a distance of 3000 feet. In summary, if you want to find gold buried or ancient treasure, this GOLDAKS is built for you.


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