Authorized AKS Dealer: Authenticity Assured! 🔒

Authorized AKS Dealer: Authenticity Assured! 🔒



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Discover Gold Treasures with AKS PRO – Your Ultimate Gold Hunting Companion!

Unlock unparalleled success in gold treasure hunting with the AKS PRO by AKS GROUP. Boasting a remarkable 93.8% success rate, this cutting-edge device utilizes advanced signal processing and a 5 km range to bring you precise and efficient gold detection.

🚀 Key Features:

  • Advanced Signal Processing: Experience unmatched accuracy in gold detection with optimized electromagnetic signal reception.
  • 93.8% Success Rate: Say goodbye to missed opportunities; the AKS PRO sets the gold standard in treasure hunting triumph.
  • Comprehensive Package: The main unit, control unit, 6 high-performance antennas, wall charger, car charger, and military case ensure you’re equipped for any adventure.

🌍 Made for Exploration:

  • Refined Algorithms: Uncover treasures beyond gold, thanks to cutting-edge signal analysis.
  • Exact Target Depth Calculation: Eliminate guesswork with the ability to calculate precise target depths.

Gold Hunting Systems:

  • Long Range System: Embark on captivating journeys with a 5 km range and a depth capability of up to 75 meters.
  • Gold-Focused Search Methods: Specialized algorithms and frequency settings prioritize the detection of valuable gold treasures.

🛍️ Full Package Includes:

  • Main unit, control unit, 6 antennas, and a military case for durability.
  • Wall charger, USB device with a manual, warranty card, and a unique serial number for authenticity.

🔍 Elevate Your Adventure with Filters Kit:

  • Depth Limit, Anti Iron, and Increase Frequency – Gold filters for customized and optimized performance.
  • Versatile Filters Set: Adapt to various terrains with Anti Mineral Soil, Anti Nuggets, and Anti Rocks filters.

Ignite your passion for gold hunting, and let the AKS PRO guide you to extraordinary discoveries. Unleash the power of technology and embark on a journey where every signal is a potential gold treasure waiting to be uncovered! 🌟

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AKS PRO: Unleash Your Gold Hunting Adventure

🔍 Exceptional Gold Detection: The AKS PRO, AKS GROUP’s pinnacle gold treasure hunting device, boasts cutting-edge technology and a success rate of up to 93.8%.

🚀 Embark on a Golden Journey:

  • Advanced Signal Processing: Unparalleled electromagnetic signal processing for precise gold detection.
  • Success Rate: A staggering 93.8% success rate – a true leader in treasure hunting.

🎁 Comprehensive Exploration Package:

  • Main Unit, Control Unit, and 6 High-Performance Antennas.
  • Wall Charger, Car Charger, and Military Case.
  • Authenticity Assurance: Anti-fraud check for genuine, high-quality devices.

🌐 Made for Exploration:

  • Refined Algorithms: Cutting-edge signal analysis for unwavering accuracy.
  • Success Beyond Gold: Detects a range of precious treasures and artifacts.

💡 Innovative Features:

  • Exact Target Depth Calculation: Eliminate guesswork with precise depth calculation.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Distinguish valuable targets from unwanted clutter.

Gold Hunting with AKS PRO Systems:

🌍 Long Range System:

  • Captivating Journey: 5 km range in a 360-degree radius with advanced radar technology.
  • Depth Capability: Reach up to 75 meters for extraordinary discoveries.

🎯 Gold-Focused Search Methods:

  • Tailored to Gold: Specialized algorithms and frequency settings for focused gold detection.
  • Signal Dance: Mesmerizing dance of signals reveals hidden treasures.

🔐 Treasure Hunter’s Companion:

  • Intuitive Interface: Effortless navigation with user-friendly controls.
  • Subtle Nuances: Heightened sensitivity to capture the nuances of valuable targets.

🔍 AKS PRO Specifications:

  • Search Name: 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology System
  • Distance: Up to 5000 meters
  • Depth: Up to 75 meters
  • Case Material: IP67 for durability

🛍️ Full Package Includes:

  • Main Unit, Control Unit, 6 Antennas, and Military Case.
  • Wall Charger, USB Device with Manual, Warranty Card, and Serial Number.

Elevate Your Adventure with AKS PRO Filters Kit:

🔍 Key Filters for Optimal Performance:

  • Depth Limit Filter: Fine-tune search parameters for efficient detection.
  • Anti Iron Filter: Suppress iron interference for focused detection.
  • Increase Frequency – Gold Filter: Enhance sensitivity to gold signals.

🌐 Versatile Filters Set:

  • Anti Mineral Soil, Anti Nuggets, and Anti Rocks Filters for various terrains.
  • Up to 3 filters simultaneously for customized performance.

⚠️ Note:

  • Customer Choice: Order the full set for a complete experience.
  • Specifications subject to change for continuous innovation.

Ignite Your Passion for Gold Hunting with AKS PRO – Where Every Signal is a Discovery!

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 12 cm
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Basic Kit, Device + 1 Filter, Device + 2 Filter, Device + 3 Filter, Device + 4 Filter, Device + 5 Filter, Device + 6 Filter

Warranty & Authenticity

AKS Detectors Warranty & Authenticity Assurance:

At AKS Detectors, we take pride in offering a comprehensive warranty supported by our dedicated technical team, available 24/7 to address your queries and ensure your device’s optimal performance. Beware of counterfeit AKS devices circulating worldwide; rest assured, our commitment to authenticity guarantees that your purchase is backed by cutting-edge technology and genuine craftsmanship. Experience the true power of AKS Detectors, fortified by our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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