Authorized AKS Dealer: Authenticity Assured! πŸ”’

Authorized AKS Dealer: Authenticity Assured! πŸ”’



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Uncover Riches Beyond Imagination with AKS MULTI: Your Ultimate Treasure Hunting Companion for Gold, Silver, and Cavity Targets! Crafted in the USA & Israel for Precision Performance!

Embark on an extraordinary journey of treasure hunting with the AKS MULTI, a cutting-edge technological marvel that ensures unparalleled performance. Crafted in the USA and Israel, this exceptional device is designed to locate gold, silver, and cavity targets with precision, offering a profound experience in uncovering hidden riches.

🌷 Distance: Up to 5000m
πŸ•³οΈ Depth: 75m
πŸ“… Warranty: 2 Years
🌍 Made In: USA & Israel

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πŸš€ Key Features:

  • Advanced Long-Range Technology: The AKS MULTI revolutionizes treasure hunting with its cutting-edge long-range system, offering a 5 km detection range and depths up to 75 meters.
  • Targeted Search Programs: Explore specialized programs such as ALL, EPP, PP, TRACKING, and LIGHT MODE for customized and efficient treasure hunting.
  • Precise Detection Performance: Six targeted antennas and a super-large antenna ensure fast and accurate discovery, setting a new standard in treasure hunting.
  • Focused Search: Gold, Silver & Cavity.

🌍 Crafted with Excellence:

  • Made in the USA and Israel: Benefit from the perfect blend of expertise and innovation, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability.
  • Expert Control and Precision: Navigate your treasure hunting journey with ease using advanced processors and an intuitive user interface.

πŸ” Tailored for Exploration:

  • Versatile Treasure Detection: Locate gold, silver, and cavity targets effortlessly, unveiling buried treasures, ancient tombs, tunnels, and graves.
  • Specialized Work Programs: Choose from ALL, EPP, PP, TRACKING, and LIGHT MODE for targeted searches tailored to your needs.

βš™οΈ Systems: Technological Marvel Unveiled:

  • 360-Degree Detection: Scan your surroundings comprehensively with a 360-degree scanning capability, ensuring no treasure goes unnoticed.
  • Impressive Depth Penetration: Delve into depths of up to 75 meters, uncovering buried artifacts, precious metals, and ancient relics.
  • Versatile Search Modes: ALL, EPP, PP, TRACKING, and LIGHT MODE provide adaptability for different treasure hunting scenarios.

πŸ“ Specifications:

  • Search Name: 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology System
  • Distance Measurement: Up to 5000 meters
  • Depth Measurement: Up to 75 meters
  • Depth Checking by a Button: YES
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Waterproof: Weatherproof, not waterproof
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0Β°C to 45Β°C

πŸ”§ Filters Set Info: Unlock Enhanced Performance:

  • Depth Limit Filter: Focus on targets within your desired depth range, optimizing detection efficiency.
  • Anti Iron Filter: Suppress false signals caused by iron, enhancing target discrimination.
  • Increase Frequency – Gold Filter: Boost gold detection sensitivity for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Anti Rocks Filter: Minimize interference from magnetic rocks for more reliable detection.
  • Anti Mineral Soil Filter:Β Overcome the challenges posed by mineral-rich soil. The Anti Mineral Soil filter helps minimize interference from mineralization, enabling more accurate target detection in challenging soil conditions.
  • Anti Nuggets Filter:Β Don’t let small targets slip through the cracks. The Anti Nuggets filter selectively filters out signals from tiny nuggets or fragments while still detecting larger and potentially more valuable objects. Focus on the targets that truly matter.

Uncover hidden mysteries, embark on thrilling adventures, and leave your mark in the world of treasure hunting with the AKS MULTI. Trust in its advanced technology, precise detection programs, and expert craftsmanship to unlock a world of possibilities and make your next great discovery. Join the ranks of successful explorers and let the AKS MULTI guide you to extraordinary treasures! 🌟

Additional information
Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 12 cm
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Basic Kit, Device + 1 Filter, Device + 2 Filter, Device + 3 Filter, Device + 4 Filter, Device + 5 Filter, Device + 6 Filter

Warranty & Authenticity

AKS Detectors Warranty & Authenticity Assurance:

At AKS Detectors, we take pride in offering a comprehensive warranty supported by our dedicated technical team, available 24/7 to address your queries and ensure your device’s optimal performance. Beware of counterfeit AKS devices circulating worldwide; rest assured, our commitment to authenticity guarantees that your purchase is backed by cutting-edge technology and genuine craftsmanship. Experience the true power of AKS Detectors, fortified by our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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