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There was one big clue leading up to Steve's departure "for college": His hairline! Blue's Clues 06x04 Joe's Clues. He left the show, (and was replaced by a man named Donovan Patton – acting as Steve’s brother Joe on the show while Steve goes off to college) to pursue his music career. When Steve leaves for college, Joe stays with Blue and becomes the new host and protagonist of the show. Blues Clues S04E24 - Joe Gets A Clue. aww Blue's Clues! But Joe did a pretty good job, all things considered. "We gotta find another pawprint," Joe continued. When Joe replaced Steve on Blues Clues I didn't really mind as a kid. Donovan Patton, Actor: Lies I Told My Little Sister. Right. 20:38. premiered on November 11, 2019. Donovan Patton eventually replaced Burns as Steve’s brother Joe, appearing in 50 episodes total. The saddest part of my childhood was when Steve left the show in 2002 and pursued a musical career. ... Blues Clues S06E04 - Joe's Clues. Patton's "big break" came in 2002, when he was cast to replace Steve Burns as Joe, the second host of the Nickelodeon children's television program Blue's Clues. Blue's Clues is a play-along, think-along series featuring hosts, Steve or Joe, and an energetic puppy named Blue. Steve was replaced by Donovan Patton, who was the actor for Joe, but it wasn't the same. It was their first appearance since the original “Blue’s Clues” ended in 2006. Joe's vibes changed the entire feel of Blue's Clues, while still being reverent to what Steve had created before him. Joe: Oh! Burns has done just fine for himself, by the way, joining forces with members of the Flaming Lips and releasing a solo disc called "Songs for Dustmites". For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awlt9. Blues Clues. Watch fullscreen. Nick Jr. has revived their iconic mystery-solving children's series Blue's Clues, and the first clips are filled to the brim with nostalgia—we even get cameos the original hosts, Steve and Joe! Everything old is new again and for some of those who loved “Blue’s Clues” it’s a little woof. There is no simple answer but it maybe was canceled due to low ratings. By revellanotvanella. The show was originally hosted by Steve Burns, who left in 2002 and was replaced by Donovan Patton. In each episode, Joe or Steve invites viewers into a computer-animated storybook world to look for clues and solve the day's puzzle. Joe was nothing like Steve. Search. Oct 11, 2020 - Explore joe robinett's board "Blues clues", followed by 147 people on Pinterest. See, Joe, a clue is a blue paw print. I knew that Steve had better things to do with his life then play with his dog all day. I guess people just rejected him because he simply was never Steve. HahnfeldRheyr6198. When Joe replaced Steve on Blues's Clues – popular memes on the site ifunny.co "Right," said Steve. Anonymous. April 3, 2008 8:48pm CST. I thought I heard a rhumor that Steve killed himself by Overdosing or something but he's still on the show so I don't get it. Jan 5, 2021 - Blue's Clues is an American live-action/animated educational children's television series that premiered on Nickelodeon on Sunday, September 8, 1996. Steve Burns, who became popular as “Steve” or Blue’s first owner, and Donovan Patton, who replaced Steve and played his younger brother Joe, made special cameos. I would've thought Joe replaced it with a Handy-Dandy iPhone by now." Blue's Clues (TV Series 1996–2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Steve Burns, the beloved host of Nickelodeon's "Blue's Clues" from 1996 to … a reboot of the classic children's show "Blue's Clues." See more ideas about blues clues, blues, blue’s clues. That’s not a paw print. Library. "That's the second clue," said Steve. Are they brothers? Nickelodeon is rebooting the beloved children’s show with a new host and a CGI blue pup. He also has a stuffed duck named Boris. Steve Burns won't be returning for the Blue's Clues reboot this fall. A Familiar Face Turned Down A Chance To Replace Steve From ‘Blues Clues’ Before Finding Hollywood Fame. Its one classic show. He lives in a 2-D house with his blue dog and enjoys talking to salt shakers and going into a magical world inside paintings. And Joe seemed like a nice enough character. 21:05. Joe likes the colors green and orange. The new series will have guest appearances from the original host, Steve, played by Steven Michael Burns and his successor, Joe… Steve will probably always be the best since he was the original host who dictated what the format would be. BLUES CLUES: Which is better STEVE or JOE? Blues Clues. Shop with confidence. I got to know about Steve's exit from blues clues one day when I rented my nephew the "Meet Joe" DVD. steve. (A cursory look at Blue's Clues comments on YouTube will uncover such outrage as: "I hate Joe"; "Ever since Joe took Steve's place this show started to suck"; and "Fuck you, Joe.") You Know Blue Will Always Leaves The Clues And We Find Them. The human sidekick would ask Blue a question and rather than answer, Blue would demand that his token human must find 3 clues … Follow. Blue's Clues!" joe. Really, Joe’s Clues. @revellanotvanella (4037) United States. Even after the first episode of Blue’s Clues & You aired on November 11, it took some time for the ratings to come and know it was doing well. 0 0. Well Today I’m Going Out To Leave The Clues And You And Blue We’re Gonna Have To Find Them. But You’re Gonna Have To Play… Joe’s Clues, To Figured Out What My Surprise Is? Find great deals on for blues clues joe and blues clues steve in Toys & Hobbies. (they both go back to looking for clues) Steve: We are looking for Blue's Clues Joe: We are looking for Blue's Clues Steve: We are looking for Blue's Clues Joe: I wonder where they are. Dustin Rowles Twitter Entertainment ... is that before Donovan Patton replaced … That adventure continues when “Blue’s Clues & You!” premieres on Nov. 11 at 1 p.m. EST, as Steve and Joe pass the torch to Josh and teach him how to solve Blue’s mysteries. No change on the series was bigger than this initial one, though. nick jr. noggin tv. He is an actor, known for Lies I Told My Little Sister (2014), Blue's Clues (1996) and Monsters University (2013). Joe loves squares, like the ones on his shirt, and is always excited to play Blue's Clue's. Joe and Steve sang, as the familiar tune played. Steve: Yeah, exactly. Blue's Clues. Burns was already replaced once when Donovan Patton took over as "Joe," but the new version of the series is set to go with someone else entirely in … I stopped watching Blue's Clues after Steve left. Joe was introduced over several episodes where he learned the ropes of playing the signature game, “Blue’s Clues”. "'Cause they're whose clues? Donovan Patton was born on March 1, 1978 in Guam. Anybody who watched Blue's Clues during the Steve years will swear by him, and they will brush off Joe as an unworthy successor. Joe’s Clues. A childrens TV show with a strange man in a green stripey shirt. Blue's Clues & You! Blue's Clues aired on Nickelodeon Jr. from 1996 to 2006. Meet the man picked to be host of the ‘Blue’s Clues’ reboot ... (Steve Burns) and Joe (Donovan Patton) returned for the first episode to help welcome … 7 months ago | 1.1K views. Steve: Come on. Source(s): quot steve quot blues clues replaced quot joe quot leave show know: https://tr.im/h0ht6. Steve became a detective while Joe was a staff at a gift shop. But then the more impactful feedback started coming. Joseph "Joe" is the main protagonist forseasons 5-6 of Blue's Clues. blues clues. We all probably got used to watching Steve doing that show, so yea it came as a little shocker! That’s a block. Burns hosted the show until 2002, when it was handed off to Patton until 2006. A blue paw print! "We put it in our notebook…" He is Steve's younger brother and apprentice. While my son was watching Blues Clues, we saw Joe draw something a little... interesting! Sign up. At the time, Patton worked as a waiter and a part-time actor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Blues Clues S04E24 - Joe Gets A Clue. But Joe never tried to be Steve, he just tried to be the best host he could be. Log in. The show just lost its magic for me. 4 years ago. "The phone's only for calls," said Joe. Because ever since Steve left Blues Clues in 2002 and was replaced by Joe the ratings were not as good in for the last 4 years. Joe: Nope, You’re Not Playing Blue's Clues For Today. Details File Size: 1558KB Duration: 3.000 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 7/27/2020, 10:24:11 PM

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